Department of traditional Chinese medicine identification learning training

创建时间:2019-09-24 15:05

Today's medicine market is mixed with good and bad. The quality of Chinese herbal medicine pieces is affected by many factors, such as the quality of germplasm, cultivation environment, planting technology, harvest season, growth years, processing in the place of origin, processing methods, market prices, etc. In addition, some enterprises and individuals are driven by interests to shoddy, mixed and fake, resulting in the confusion of Chinese herbal medicine varieties and the common occurrence of fake and inferior medicines, seriously affecting the safety of people's medication.

Under this background, our hospital insists on the training of traditional Chinese medicine identification every week, on the one hand, it strengthens the ability of distinguishing the true from the false of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces;  On the other hand, we will strictly control the channels of purchase and improve the quality of Chinese herbal pieces in our hospital.


      Dean Liu Changlin explained the identification and application of several commonly used Chinese medicines and pointed out that only when the medicines are good can the prescriptions prescribed by our Chinese medicine play a good role. Pharmacy personnel must strictly control the quality of decoction pieces.


Director Shen of the drug testing office was explaining the physical and chemical identification of Angelica sinensis


                I have the honor to invite Director Shen Haixia, Director Liu Changlin and Director Zhang Xiaolan (from left to right) to the drug testing room.


                              Chief Zheng Yuping is explaining the identification and application of dried tangerine peel.


                     Strictly Control the Quality of Chinese Herbal Pieces from the Source of Purchase


                     In charge of pharmacists, licensed pharmacists in acceptance of yinpian